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Stories by Judith Whiteside at fictionpress.com


                                                        'Bobby and Alex.' (EP.1) (3 07 2011)
  Alex Eames parked the SUV outside the Doctor's office her partner was at.
He'd been sent to the Shrink/ Therapist  for an analysis of his mental state to do the job.
They had'nt sent her, she'd just been ignored by the powers that be because she'd refused to fire him and would'nt except the job of Captain but she'd been allowed to stay as Detective...he'd been suspended.
They'd been apart six months and she'd missed him..more than missed him 
One day while she was working with yet another 'wet behind the ears partner' she  realised she was'nt just missing  Bobby  she was  in love with him.      
They'd been back working together two months now...she'd wondered how it would be...would it make it uncomfortable for them with her trying to hide the fact she was in love with him... but no everything had been fine.
He'd seemed more at peace with himself...the six month break from Major case had done him good and though he had'nt wanted to go to the Therapist sessions they had been beneficial.      
Bobby Goren said his goodbyes to the Doctor..that he'd see her same time next week and made his way outside, the late afternoon sunshine hitting his eyes making him unable to focus straight away but when he did he saw her... stood by the SUV with the most welcomeing and beautiful smile he had ever seen.
He felt humbled because  here was a woman who'd stuck by him through thick and thin...even to the point that she'd refused the Captains job in case it made him feel betrayed.
"Alex." he said.
She could see he looked surprised to see her and smiled as she asked 'How did it go?'
"It went well but why..."  Alex finished the sentence for him.."Am I here?"
"Yeah...something like that." he replied laughing.
"Been a murder on South Side and I thought we'd..."  and  together they said. "Get there first."
They both laughed as they made there're way to get into the car, Her at the drivers side,He at the passengers side.
Business as usual...or was it?   
As Alex made to put the key into the ignition Bobby laid his hand on hers and brought it up to his lips to kiss.
He'd kept his eyes on hers to see what the reaction would be....and  liked what he saw...he then moved his hand to cup her chin bringing her nearer to him.
"Alex."   "Bobby."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        "Should we..." Bobby left it there.
"Fall in love..."Alex finished for him.
"Yes." he replied softly.
Alex smiled. "I'm already in love with you."
Bobby smiled back at her. "Thats alright then." he replied and pulled her to him to share  their first kiss........
    They went back to her place once all was done that could be done at the crime scene.
Alex had hardly time to close the door before Bobby pushed her against it and kissed her hungrily.
She kissed him just as hungrily back.
A trail of clothes ended at her bedroom door as they carried on their getting to know one another.
He rode her..she rode him.
His tongue made her scream with ecstasy....he letting out a primitive growl when she took him in her mouth and only just managed to come out as he spilled his seed.
They 'loved' all night not able to get enough of each other...it was as though they had ten years to catch up on..the time they'd been just work partners not lovers.
When they did rest they whispered 'love notes' to each other..stealing kisses....drinking each other..a thrist they seemed unable to quench as the night went on and the morning dawned.

  The ringing of Alex's cell brought them back to earth and realility and as she reached out to the bedside cabinet to answer it she looked at the clock.
"SHIT!" she exclaimed."Look at the time!"
Bobby lazily looked at the clock and on seeing what it read sat up.
"Eames." she said into the mouth-piece as she stood up from the bed.
"Where are you?" a male voice asked."Goren..his he  with you?"
Alex quickly mouthed to Bobby. 'It's the Captain.'
"No Sir he is'nt as I'm still at home...I'm afraid I don't feel well...been sick most of the night and the other..." she stopped there, he could work out for himself what 'the other' was.
"Something you ate do you think?" the Captain asked.
"Probably Sir."
The Captain sighed. "I wonder where your partner is?"
"No idea Sir." Alex replied doing her best to stifle a laugh. "Sir I must go  I'm feeling sick again."
She quickly closed her cell and burst into laughter then stopped as Bobby's cell rang.
"Your turn now." she said as she made her way to the bathroom laughing again.
Bobby pulled a face at her as she left the room and he answered his cell.

"What was your excuse for not being at work?" Alex asked Bobby when she rejoined him in the bedroom.
"Same as yours." he replied and started to laugh. "Captain says we should find somewhere else to buy our lunch from."
"He told you about me then?"
"Yes and he's none too happy having to find someone else to take over the case."
"You know something Bobby I don't care." she said as she climbed on to the bed. "Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?"
Bobby pulled her into his arms. "I think we where about here." he said as he began to kiss her........



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